EZ Subscribe Block

EZ Subscribe allows you to set up recurring Paypal billing based on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly (annual) periods.

NOTE: This does NOT create a paid membership on your Concrete5 website!


Item Name - The name of the subscription product.

Item Number - Required for tracking on Paypal.

Base Price - The base price of the subscription product. Be sure to use the correct formatting, depending on the currency.

Type - Select between daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly (annual). Use the slider to set the period duration.

Duration Period - Slide to adjust the duration payment period. For a 3 month payment period, select "Monthly Subscription" as the payment mode, and set the slider to a value of 3.

Trial Period - Optional. Set to a daily, weekly, or monthly time period.

Trial Duration - Enter a numeric value. Restrictions are as follows:

  • Days = maximum of 90
  • Weeks = maximum of 52
  • Months = maximum of 24

Trial Price - Cost of trial period. For a free trial, enter "0".

Recursive Payments - Enable to make subscription payments automatically recur.

Number of recurring times - Number of times that subscription payments recur.

Reattempt on failure - Set to "Yes" to reattempt failed recurring payments before canceling.


Paypal Email - The email address where payment will be sent to. Must be associated with an active Paypal account.

Currency Code - Select the currency code for your country.

Currency Symbol - Select the currency symbol that matches your currency.

Design Options

Button Style - Either use the default Paypal button, or select a custom image.

Primary Color - Background for product title and price. Supports transparency.

Secondary Color - Background for details body. Supports transparency.

Accent Color - Applied to currency symbol and borders.

Text Color - Applies to all text.


Return and Cancel URL - EZ Subscription will automatically use the current page URL to return users to your site when they complete or cancel a Paypal transaction.