Customization Terms

Recipe Title - The title of the recipe. Must be 255 characters or less.

Recipe Description - Brief description of recipe.

Servings - How many servings does the recipe yield? Example: 1 - 3

Prep Time - How long does the recipe take to prepare? Example: 1 hour

Ingredients - Create a formatted list of ingredients. It is best to use the unordered list format.

Instructions - Describe the process of preparing the recipe. Format as you see fit!

Calories - Number of calories per serving. Must be whole number.

Percent Daily Value - Percent (whole number) of daily value per serving.

Weight - Weight per serving. Example: 10mg

Cover Text Color - Color of text in cover area.

Cover Background Color - This can be made semi-transparent.

Header Alignment - Alignment of text in cover area.

Cover Image - Select an image for cover area (required).

Background Position - Position cover image background.

Cover Spacing - Spacing beneath the cover text area. Range: 0 - 300px.

Nutrition Information displayed as...

  • Hidden - hides nutrition info area
  • DV + Weight - Display all information
  • DV Only - Show only percent daily value
  • Weight Only - Show only weight per serving
  • Calories Only - Show only the calories, but no other nutrition info.