This addon allows visitors to keep his/her favorite pages so that he/she can re-view these pages in an easy way.

Two Blocks

This addon has two blocks, favorite button and favorite list.

favorite button

This is a block which displays a button so that a visitor can add/remove this page into favorites.

When this page is not marked favorite, the block shows "Add to Favorite"

When this page is already marked favorite, the block shows "Remove from Favorite"


favorite list

This is a block which diplays a list of favorite pages for the visitor. The number of pages displayed is set at the block edit mode.

Edit Mode will display the screen below.

Title: can be null.

Number of Favorite Pages: enter a number between 1 - 100. The number is common to your website's all blocks.




*Notice* This addon uses a local storage. Browsers which supports HTML5 assumed.