Version History

1.1 - 09/09/13 - Made slider responsive so it scales to fit whatever container.

1.0.5 - 12/21/11 - Fixed more CSS issues caused by newest version of jQuery UI included with concrete5.5.0.

1.0.4 - Fixed CSS issue with rounded border on top corner of list items caused by newest version of jQuery included with concrete5.4.2.

1.0.3 - Changed image helper name to feature_image to avoid conflicts/errors

1.0.2 - Fixed calls to jQuery UI. Now slider works when logged in as admin/editor. Content no longer disabled in edit mode as well. (Thanks to yamanoi and his add-on Updated styles to override default jQuery UI styles.

1.0.1 - Updated Feature Image attribute name in view.php files. Made it so broken image tag doesn't show up if no Feature Image attribute has been set.

1.0 - Initial Release