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Before 1.0

Review posted by asaucier on at

great add-on!

Works as advertised, easy to use. Extremely helpful for a ton of files you don't want to have to upload through file manager. Display them with this nicely styled add-on.


1.0 -

Review posted by webpresso on at

Really handy

Thanks for that addon. Really useful and it works perfectly.

One wish for a next release:
Make it more flexible for multilanguage usage. A lot of strings are not translatable and hidden in the javascript files.

1.1 -

Review posted by designserve on at

Does not display correctly if your file extensions are capitalised.

29th August 2015 - I'm revising my review upwards from one star to three stars because having received help in the C5 forums the addon is now able to download files from my website without direct linking. Looking inside the addon's files there is good commentary and I hope to resolve the rest of my issues (capitalisation) in due course. Hopefully I can revise the review upwards again and add some info here when all is resolved.


I want to give the addon a great review, I like virtually everything about it. However, I've had it on my site for a long time whilst trying to communicate to the developer that it is making my site look amateurish due to the problems that the addon has when displaying files that have capitalised extensions (such as pdf or PDF - pdf displays correctly, PDF does not, it wrecks the css output).

The developer did a partial fix many months ago and since then I can't get any response. I've been more than patient in keeping automated support tickets alive, sending messages and even offering to pay for the problems to be resolved but I'm now extremely fed up with the appearance issues on my site and will have to start editing hundreds of file extensions manually in order to get them to display well. I'll also have to tell my members that they will have to edit their file extensions if they upload.

I've tried very hard to resolve this without leaving a bad review, I hate to do that but members need to be aware that they will not get support here.

Updated to Version 1.2.3 in March 2015 as soon as it was released but unfortunately has not addressed the capitalisation issues. It is such a good addon but the lack of interest in addressing actual bugs is so disappointing

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