Version History

0.9 First submission : 2015/06/21

  • Initial submission to Marketplace. Will bump to 1.0 when approved.


0.9.1 : 2015/06/30

  • Fixed bug with custom route in combination with DIR_REL
  • Added template 'table' : 2015/07/01

  • Made array-declarations backwards compatible for PHP 5.3 ('[]' versus 'array()') : 2015/07/02

  • Fixed last array short notation which I overlooked : 2015/07/05

  • Changed casing of table names from snakecase to camelcase in db.xml, the file picker block controller and in the FileList class of the package. : 2015/07/07

  • Refactored the file download method to check for permissions and to work with files located in the cloud (alternate file storage locations).
  • Refactored the file download method and the templates to use file urls instead of $version->getPath().
  • Added Javascript that uses Ajax and window.prompt to ask users for a password for password protected files. : 2015/07/07

  • Replaced usage of System IO functions to use \Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem instead.
  • Added missing statement defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.") in new php file. : 2015/07/12

  • Fixed Javascript bug in templates when option 'force-download' is disabled.
  • Optimized Javascript and applied $this->addFooterItem.
  • Refactored download method to not use temporary files but just echo te file contents. : 2015/07/26

  • Fixed short array notations in form_setup_html.php to old array declarations for PHP 5.3 environments.


1.0 : 2015/07/29 Released on the Marketplace

  • Bumped version to 1.0 as first official release.
  • New, cleaner package icon.
2.0 : 2017/01/11
  • Removed argument casting of argument $args in the save method of the block controller and added redundant array conversion.on first line of method (Possibly Concrete does not always pass an array).
  • Refactored deprecated Loader-class calls in various classes.
  • Refactored deprecated Database->Execute calls in various classes.
  • Refactored for Concrete 8 due to changed return types for various classes like the File class.
  • Fixed a bug with uninitialized variable in Concrete\Package\FilePicker\Src\File::convertFromConcreteFiles.
  • Fixed some arguments in PHPDOC.
  • Fixed string concatenation operator and typo in variable name in Concrete\Package\FilePicker\Src\File\FileList::getQueryPaginationPageParameter.
  • Added PSR4 autoloading for the src folder in the package controller because this doesn't work anymore in Concrete version 8.
  • Added '/index.php' to urls in the block's /elements/view.js.php to fix problem when url rewrites are not enabled and downloading as password protected file.
  • Shortened name and description in package controller methods.

2.0.1 : 2017/09/20

  • Removed use-statement of \Page in two view templates that caused bug 'use statement has no effect'.
2.0.2 : 2017/09/20
  • Removed use of deprecated PSR4 loader class in package controller and implemented autoloading using property $pkgAutoloaderRegistries. Renamed namespace and folder name for class files to avoid conflicts with Concrete autoloading and namespace resolving.
2.0.3 : 2017/09/29
  • Fixed bug 'call to undefined method \Concrete\Package\FilePicker::Controller::$registerAutoloader()'.