The recommended method to install File Reader, is simply using your target website marketplace page. However, if you wish not to use concrete5 internal feature, you can follow the next instructions:

  1. Download the zip archive
  2. Uncompress the zip archive into your packages/ directory
  3. Visit your Add Functionality page (located at )
  4. Click on the File Reader Install button


Visit the page you want to show your file content, go in edit mode, add the block File Reader and configure the parameters accordingly:

  1. filepath must be relative to the package’s block path, or simply absolute (the latter is easier).
  2. if refresh is not set, or set to 0, the block will not refresh its content.
The file content is not displayed in edit mode to prevent a harmful file to accidentally break your site.
This addon output the raw content of the file you specify onto the page. Displaying binary data or inappropriate data may break the corresponding page.

In Case Something Goes Bad

If a file content does break the content of your site, (because it contains some harmful characters breaking the DOM structure), you can still recover by disabling all file render blocks:
Visit the dashboard>system settings>basics>file render activation page, and turn off all blocks. Finally go to the offending page, edit it and change the target file (or just disable it)


This addon is a free addon, and does not come with free support. If you have a problem, just post a support request, we will reply when we have some time to do so.