Set Up

Slider installation:
Make sure your site is connected to the concrete5 community. Open the right side panel and click 'Extend concrete5', then click 'Get More Add-ons'. In the search area type 'Fileset Slider' and click 'Search', click on the add-on title or image to view details, then click 'Purchase'. Once downloaded and installed click 'Ok'.

Slider Images:
Upload/drag-drop your images in one go to the ‘File Manager’ (big enough for a slider, i.e. 1200 x 500 px) and place in a ‘Set’ and ‘Save’.

Image Titles and Descriptions:
By default the fileset slider images will show the uploaded file name and extension .i.e ‘someimage.jpg’. If you DO NOT want any ’Titles’, ‘Descriptions’ or ‘Links’ go to the ‘File Manager’, click on images and click on ‘Properties’. In the pop up dialogue box click on the blue filename next to ’Title’ and delete. Then close the pop up box.

If you want ‘Titles’ and ’Descriptions’ then change the filename next to ‘Title’ and click ’None’ next to ‘Description’ and type in a description. Keep descriptions short and to the point, won’t look good on small screens.

Page Linking:
If you want to use page linking you will need to install the ‘Page Selector Attribute’ add-on.

Next you will need to add and set up  a couple of ‘Attributes’.  Click on ’System & Settings’ - ‘Attributes’ - ‘Types’, at bottom tick the ‘File’ box next to ‘Page Selector’ and ‘Save’.

Then click ‘Files’ - ‘Attributes’. Under ‘Add  Attribute’, with ‘Text’ in the box, click ‘Go’. Under ‘Handle’ give your ‘Page link text’ a name with underscores. i.e. page_link_text. Then under ’Name’ type a name. i.e’ Page Link Text’ and ‘Save’.

Now click on the drop down box under ‘Add Attribute’, click ‘Page Selector’ and click ‘Go’. Give the ‘Attribute’ a handle and name. ‘link_to_cid’ and ‘Link to page’, then ‘Save’.

Now go back to the ‘File Manager’ and click on image ‘Properties’.  Scroll down and you’ll see two new ‘Attributes’, one will be ‘Link to page’ and other will be ‘Page Link Text’. For the ‘Link to page’ option click on ‘None’, click ‘Choose a Page’ , click on a page and click the blue ’tick’. Next add the link text. Click ‘None’ next to ‘Page Link Text’ and  give your link a name. i.e. ‘Read More’ and click the blue ’tick’. Close the image ‘Properties’ box.

Options are ’Title’ only, ’Title’ and ‘description’, ’Title’ ‘Description’ and ‘Link’ or ’Title’ and ‘Link’.