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FlexJob Scheduler (c5.6)

Flexible scheduling of jobs from within concrete5. Crontab like capabilities at your fingertips, straight from the dashboard.

Get FlexJob Scheduler and other tools to take take the strain out of managing your site in the Lazy Webmaster Plus bundle.

With FlexJob Scheduler you can:

  • Automate your concrete5 jobs directly from the dashboard.
  • Configure individual schedules for each job.
  • Run jobs on hosting plans that don't provide cron access.

Checkbox based dialogs provide the flexibility of cron without the complexities of cron.

If you find cron intimidating, FlexJob Scheduler provides quick and easy dialog driven setting of job schedules.

FlexJob Scheduler uses a technique often referred to as "poor man's cron" to piggyback the triggering of concrete5 jobs to visitors viewing pages. Jobs are then run in the background. Your site visitors will notice no difference (see documentation for details).

You can already get a basic implementation of this with Nontab Scheduler, which will run all your jobs at a set interval.

FlexJob Scheduler takes this to another level, providing crontab like capabilities to schedule each job individually. On a busy social site you may want to re-index the site search hourly, check for email posts every 15 minutes, generate a new site map every night, and trim old page versions every Monday. With other addons providing further jobs to run backups, update geolocations, process analytics and pull and push content from and to other sites. Flexible and individual scheduling for each job enables the running jobs to be optimised.

Additional advanced features:

  • Configurable job triggering methods (see documentation for details).
  • Optionally log job execution times.
  • Global enable/disable.
  • Export fully formed crontab strings.
  • Bonus page - view and manage the Jobs Log.

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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