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Review posted by dbleisch on at

Best Slider on Concrete5 5.6x

Excellent slider with all required options. Works responsive, smooth and stable. Provides the best experience for users with any device!
Review posted by chrismodlao on at

Work perfectly

Perfect slider that you can really customize even throught custom template.
Thanks a lot to the author for this tool.
Review posted by ld13 on at

Works Well. Attentive and fast Support

Just purchased it and had a question and they got back to me with the answer very promptly. A very necessary slider to keep C5 websites competitive to other CMS in the market :)
Review posted by PowerWise on at

FlexSlider flexes perfectly

This is a very comprehensive slider, that requires (and deserves) some attention and configuration, but the default settings work quite well out of the box. Flexible, looks and works great on my phone without bogging it down. Nice!

Before 2.0

Review posted by chai714 on at

Works mostly well

Nice add-on. I did have some trouble with it being on a mobile version of the site, so I just chose to hide it via css. (probably my fault and I never asked for help so I'm not knocking the dev on this, hence it's a 5 star product).

The add on works, and the feature I especially like is that fact you can link it to pages without any work-arounds - all in the nice, simple GUI. Good job on the add-on. Check out how I used it at

2.0 - 1.0

Review posted by dantheman on at

Does exactly what it says

This is a 100% flexible, good looking, minimally styled addon. I have used it to slide a set of layout cells with a mix of text and images and it is absolutely spot on. Well-written and well worth the money.

2.0.3 - 1.0

Review posted by Mikas on at

Great support

Had a few issues getting the slider to work with my theme. The FlexSlider team was of great assistence.

The slider looks very cool - check out the result at
Review posted by gameday on at

Works well. Great support.

The add-on does require a bit of configuration (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). I'd suggest reading through the documentation before using it.

The developer was very helpful, both on this add-on, as well as the Image Gallery.

This is by far the most powerful and versatile slider on C5 as of now. And it's responsive!! :)

2.0.4 - 1.0

Review posted by dbrimm on at

Love the ecommerce compatibility

I've been looking for a solution to showcase ecommerce products and automatically pull pictures and link to the products. This works great and looks great too! I bought it with the Shop Theme and they go together perfectly as well.
Review posted by Metaglyphics on at

Terrific block, attentive support

The code is very easy to use and tweak. And the company has been extremely responsive to questions. They're also very actively rolling out enhancements and updates.

2.0.5 - 1.0

Review posted by shona3man on at

Best Available!

This is an excellent slider. Having searched for a robust slider that can handle multiple media I am so impressed with Flexislider. Thank you for creating!

2.0.5 - 1.0

Review posted by jwebolution on at


Very hot, very cool, very smooth. Love it. Using it for my website portfolio here:
Review posted by klm1 on at

Awesome control!

Works great on many device types.
Review posted by clovisusd on at

Works nice, looks nice, and support is unreal!

An absolutely great add-on. There are so many options, templates, and highly configurable things you can do, not to mention all the CSS mods you can do too.

I had a question about some CSS stuff and it was answered with code, quickly. I've purchased a few add-ons by Hostco. Whatever he/she/they are doing, they're taking the Concrete5 plugins to another level. By far this is the best experience I've had with any of the developers of the add-ons. (Chad Strat is good too).
Review posted by shona3man on at

Exceptional Support and Great Product

The latest version of Flexslider is superb. Works so well - slick, full of great features, 100% responsive and a real find - worth every penny.

Handles video beautifully and the support I received was second to none. Not only were they more than helpful and patient they were quick to offer advice and offer their expertise to assist with unrelated Flexslider issues. A real pleasure to use and work with - highly recommend to anyone.
Review posted by CygnetMidwest on at

Wow! This is an awesome slider add-on

Works very well. Feature rich. Can't think of anything I would want added. This is really an amazingly well done add-on. - 1.0

Review posted by mwmtech on at

Worked as described

The slider works well and solved my clients needs. It is versatile; can be used in several different settings.
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Reliable, Robust, Rules Them All

Simiply does what it says... and more! Nicely maintained, good support, an abundance of options! Highly recommended for any project!

2.1.1 - 1.0

Review posted by msanderson on at

Great Slider, Lots of Options

We love this slider - it has been the only one needed to create a wide variety of different effects. And the CDN option is a great feature that we take full advantage of.
Review posted by johnkidd on at

Great full page slider!

I needed a full page slider. The FlexSlider 2 is perfect for what I was after. Support is great too!
Review posted by kspitzley on at

Great add on, great support

This add on offers a lot of flexibility and is really well thought out. Once you get the hang of using it, it works very well. I've been able to use it as a simple image slider to a solution to more complex needs. Also, the support is very prompt.
Review posted by webpresso on at

Solid and cool

Responsive, solid, touch-friendly gestures. Not too fancy in effects. We love this!
Review posted by igrieves on at


Works well on my site and also on phones as was required. See: . Some issues, the control panel adopts the font colour of your site which means the site has white text so does the control panel - which has a white background. Some of the control panel settings are hard to understand and trial and error has to be used to work them out. Some support was needed to overcome my CSS displaying some slider items wrong but support was forthcoming quite quickly. All in all recommended however.
Review posted by strandbein on at

Great Add-On

with great support. Thank you, Jens
Review posted by Steevb on at

Great Add on

Convinced a client to go with this after playing with the demo site.

Fantastic, half a dozen add-ons rolled into one.

A must have option.
Review posted by dlpadmin on at

Awesome Add-On and Support!!!

Flexslider2 was exactly what I needed. Easy to customize, lots of features and very responsive. I had some questions, Hostco was quick to respond and they even managed to teach me a thing or two. Keep up the great work!
Review posted by gregaltmann on at

Flexslider 2 is excellent

Love it. I've tried 4 other sliders and/or galleries, but this is very good on ease of use - and the one issue I encountered was because I was using a beta feature, which nonetheless got a good response from support. A bargain at twice the price.
Review posted by robhall on at

Works a treat

Great slider. Works perfectly, lots of options, very responsive. Highly recommend.
Review posted by Articulon on at

Fantastic Product and Support

I needed a very dynamic slider that allowed for custom navigation related directly to the slider feature. The Flex Slider worked great. Better yet, when I hit a wall with my limited coding ability, the Hostco team stepped up and got the project done. I reccomed the slider and will give prefferential treatment to selection Hostco products in the future.
Review posted by Skippy on at

Great add-on

Very powerfull, many possibilities and great support!!!

2.1.2 - 1.0

Review posted by pburgo on at

Great add-on AND great suport!

The add-on is very flexible and response time is superior to a lot of other developers. Would highly recommend this add-on to have in your toolbox.
Review posted by clovisusd on at

5 Star Slider, 5 Star Support, What More Could You Want?

The slider has so many options - too many to name here. In a nutshell, it works better than advertised and the support is hands down the best support you'll ever get on any Concrete5 plugin. We've used this on several of our websites and will continue as it delivers the best experience for our end users.

See it in action at (one of several of our websites).
Review posted by EvanCooper on at

Really versatile and easy to customize

Had a really good experience using both the thumbnail and full width slider on a recent project. Easy to customize and works well. Nice work!
Review posted by tduncandesign on at

Very, very nice!

Flex Slider rocks. One of the best C5 add-on purchases ever -- I am being stingy with the fifth star in the review though... nothing is perfect! ; ). This is very close though -- I'd give it 4.85 stars if I could.. Good work, Hostco!
Review posted by rainmaker on at

Works GREAT! Tons of options! Great support!

I've tried several different responsive sliders and none of them offer the options and functionality that this one does! I had to make one support ticket (nothing was broken--just wasn't sure how to achieve something)and he was super fast to respond. Totally recommended!
Review posted by bbeng89 on at

Awesome slider

I used this slider on a responsive site I created recently and have to say it worked out beautifully. The responsive features worked perfectly and it looks great on every device I tried it on. It also has a ton of options, which is a good thing in my book. Even though it has a ton of options, I only needed it for the most basic use case, which was pulling images from a file set, and it did this perfectly. Overall I would say this add-on is definitely worth the money, especially if you are creating a mobile-friendly site.

2.1.2 - 1.0

Review posted by clovisusd on at

Keeps Getting Better

I just wanted to say this add-on keeps getting better and better. Now, paging control colors were written to display CSS hex code instead of an image. Small things like this, plus the reliable functionality is why we'll continue using this plugin for our organization. - 1.0

Review posted by pjsouthflorida on at

Awsome add-on!

FlexSlider is probably the best and most flexible slider (as the name suggests) out there. I have purchased other image display add-ons that I no longer use now (:. Support is super fast and very helpful! Thanks for a great product!
Review posted by thebigideasman on at

Who could ask for more?

Got support for an issue which it turned out was my error, within 5 minutes on the Sunday afternoon before Christmas. Jez guys that's service. Thanks again. - 1.0

Review posted by clovisusd on at

1 million+ visitors can't be wrong

We use this plugin on most of our websites. We have had over 1 million + visitors who have witnessed the FlexSlider 2 plugin and who regularly interact with it. In short, they love it and we love that they love it. It works and it's easy for the less technical employees to manage it.
Review posted by clovisusd on at

Proven on Dozens of Our Websites

We regularly use this on dozens of our websites. It's proven, the support is AMAZING, and our thousands of website visitors love it. What more could anyone possibly want?

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