Version History

0.9 mp submission

0.9.5 Major bug fixes

1.0 Initial mp release

1.1 Template improvements

1.2 CSS improvements

1.3 Added a new template and a lazyload script

1.6 Mods

1.6.5 Added a 'Retina' template for 'Retina' displays.

1.6.6 Added more tips for set up and set min version 5.7.5.

1.6.9 Added 'Thumbnail nav' gallery template.

1.7 Added 'Pinterest' to 'social' template.

2.4 Major improvements

2.5.5 Version for 5.7.5 with updated script for Pinterest

2.5.6 Version for 5.7.5 added 'Masonry Grid' gallery

2.5.7 Version for 5.7.5 added 'Supersized Single Thumbnail' template.

2.6.6 Version for 8.1.0 with updated social view.php code and script for Pinterest

2.6.7 Version for 8.1.0 added 'Supersized Single Thumbnail' template.

2.6.9 added transparency to image background. Feature request.

2.7 Updated for version 5.8.2

2.8 Added option to have both a 'title' and 'description' on thumbnails.

2.8.1 Small bug fixes and improvements.