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Hey there,
I would like to buy your addon, but before there are two questions:

1 - am I allowed to buy it for a customer of mine? I would connect his page to my account and use it that way, but looking at the license terms I can not find this constellation. Is it allowed that I buy it and use it only on my clients website?

2 - I want to use it on only one website, but on several instances, like: one website, that has three gallerys - do I need a single use license or a bigger one?

Hope to hear from you!

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry didn't get back to you sooner, been in New York for a few days.

You can purchase the add-on through your account, just make sure you assign it to your clients website. It should show in the dashboard when connect your clients website to the community using your login details.

One license per website.

You can have as many instances of add-on as you want in one website.

Thanks for purchasing.


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