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Hi, we came across your gallery and did like it. Also the open and quick support is great!

Just some ideas we have ..we plan for tablet/phone usage:
-Galleries could need constant navigation arrows (tablet users have no mouse over etc)
-Autoplay for galleries would be way cool (tablet surfers and watch looping)
-Loop option for galleries (yes, why ending a photo row at picture +15 ..just go on :-))

-the Retina gallery could need also the white borders too (maybe its already adjustable)
-Fancy frame stuff: Polaroid mimicing white frames (with naming typo, that would be it)

Regards. We'd be glad hearing feedback about some ideas. (Constant tablet navigation?)

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the interest in the gallery, glad you like it.

You're quite right about showing arrows on tablets, will implement, thanks.

Not sure about 'autoplay', but will look at an option to loop and 'Polaroid' style border.

ARTRIUM replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Permanent arrows (wide arrow
field/grafic with transparency)
would be good for tablet usage. Great that it gets on the list. An
endless pictures row (loop)
would be nice. Polaroid borders are fun, it adds style. Regards.

> concrete5 Community <mailto:[email protected]>
> 27. November 2015 09:37
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually after looking at files, arrows are already permanent under 768px.

I think I might reactivate 'looping', it was originally on by default and you can use keyboard nav to quickly scroll through anyway.

One thing I'm looking at is to replace default 'arrows' and 'close' icon, they're a bit old hat and also remove hover zoom image.
ARTRIUM replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, great. For tablet/phone usage arrow fields (from top to bottom) or
big dimmed
(transparency) grafics are just "thumb" compatibel. Comfortable
finger-clicking is
done with the big thumbs (on tablets in square format). We can't wait to
spin the
endless wheel in your gallery. One question about frames: Are frames
We really like the small white frames in one of the demos, and miss that
style a
bit in the demonstration for higher quality (retina) photos. Many regards.

> concrete5 Community <mailto:[email protected]>
> 27. November 2015 13:52
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Retina 'Bordered' template added. Shall upload a new version shortly.

Your thoughts?
ARTRIUM replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi SteeveB,

nice. The naming option in the retina frame can hold an own description?
Like:"Gabriela Monda - Actress" present it looks like a filename name.


> concrete5 Community <mailto:[email protected]>
> 2. Dezember 2015 11:32
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
The 'info' section below image is 'description', see image three.

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