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In the settings of the Fluid Gallery block i have set "pop-up width: 1200px, pop-up height: 1200px". The image is accordingly rendered to 1200px width and 900px height to the cache.

Now, on my 1920 x 1177 screen i would expect to see the pop-up image at a maximum of 1200px width, but strangely it's getting blown up to 1309px width, which of course impacts negatively it's visual quality: the pop-up displayes the image bigger as it actually is.

It seems that the pop-up values defined in the settings are not handled the way one would expect, namely as absolute limits. For my understanding, the setting "pop-up width 1200px, pop-up height 1200px", should mean, that the width of the pop-up image never exceeds 1200px, as well as the height (if portrait) of the pop-up will never exceed 1200px.

It seems that the current logic of "pop-up width 1200px, pop-up height 1200px" goes like: if any dimension of the image (width or height) is smaller than 1200px, then blow it up to 1200px.
In my opinion it should be: NEVER show the pop-up with larger width than 1200px or larger height than 1200px.

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okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
Problem solved. It was a homemade "issue", due to a wrong zoom level on Firefox.
I'm sorry!
Now it works as expected. Please mark as resolved!
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay, no worries.
New version helps with images fitting browser limits and keeps aspect ratio.

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