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Review posted by vergedesign on at

Works well, flexible code and easy to style.

I am using this in conjunction with Form Tableless Layout. Had a little trouble getting them to work together, so I pinged the developer. Received a quick reply, with suggestions on making them play well together. Even with my limited PHP knowledge, the insight was enough to help me find the solution. Very pleased with how easy the Add On is to use, and it works exactly as advertised.
Review posted by Pomlo on at

Simple and efficient

Nice addon, works as expected out of the box. If you need to display some download links after form subscription, this addon does the job. Did not test the Mailchimp link yet.
Review posted by kjdkjd on at

5/5 Awesome

Great addon, functions as expected, and is easy to customise.
Had a few user errors, which was met with quick and friendly support.
If you need a clean, quick solution to digital download/s made available upon form submission, this is the addon. 5/5

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