Version History


  • Added page name to the admin (receiver) notification email template


  • Fix error on PHP 7.2+ while submitting form. Error fixed: "count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable"


  • Fix error on PHP 7.2+ while adding a block. Error fixed: "count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable"
  • Fix translation issue
  • Minor updates: package and block descriptions


  • Added "Display Text" non-input field


  • Modified the block controller's view() function to resolve the issue of date field not showing date picker while users are not logged in.


  • Replaced "$session = new SymfonySession()" with "$session = Core::make('app')->make('session')" to resolve "Call to a member function isActive() on null" issue on 8.3.* versions. (Updated /blocks/form_plus/controller.php and /blocks/form_plus/view.php files)


  • Fixed: Error messages not showing when Form Plus block is used in stacks
  • Fixed: The uploaded files not working properly in notification emails
  • Fixed: The uploaded files not correctly showing in Dashboard > Reports


  • Minor edit - added popup notification for 'Display download links' option in the Options tab


  • Fixed issue where email was not sent out to the sender when multiple admin notification email addresses were used (changes made to the block's controller.php)
  • Fixed issue with pagination on the Form Plus reports page (changes made to /controllers/single_page/dashboard/reports/form_plus.php)


  • Updated uninstall() function in package controller to check if table exists before dropping it
  • Updated the validate() function in block's controller.php


  • Fixed minor issue with !empty() on PHP < 5.5. Changes made to reports controller file form_plus.php
  • Typo fix on block controller


  • Minor edit on block controller to fix form submission issue when Mailchimp isn't used


  • Added $_POST to verify opt-in checkbox during form validation stage (changes made to the block's view.php)
  • Improved functionality to have non-mandatory Mailchimp merge fields to remain unmapped with FormPlus fields. This will allow FormPlus to only send selected values through to Mailchimp. (changes made to the block's controller.php)


  • Made compatible with 5.7.5.x
  • Renamed path for Mailchimp wrapper class file that wasn't working on 5.7.5.x; corrected 'namespace' and 'use' statements
  • Made changes to block controller
  • Fixed subscription error notification to sender
  • Added additional subscription error messages in the notification to the admin (receiver)
  • Modified email template for receiver


  • Error details added to block controller and view
  • Minor edits to form reports single page controller and view
  • Block added to a set


  • Initial Release for
  • MailChimp API 3.0
  • Improvements made to the Concrete5 5.6.x version