Version History

1.2.1 [2012-10-10] - Strip hardcoded style from textareas; updated SAMPLE OUTPUT to reflect new field types (email, telephone, web address, date, and datetime).

1.2 [2012-04-05] - Concrete 5.5 compatibility; added labels around checkboxlist and radiolist items.

1.1.1 [2011-03-27] - Removed insertion of titles into textboxes and textareas because it served no purpose (in-field-label javascript doesn't work because jquery.form.js gathers field values before submit event triggers the clearing of the labels).

1.1 [2011-03-26] - Fixed field labels so they work properly and pass W3C validation (thanks Riotaj!), and added field questions as titles so labelify js can be added easily.

1.01 [2011-03-19] - Fixed invalid HTML (div inside a span), and streamlined the input wrappers. Also added sample output for success and error messages.

1.0 [2011-03-18] - Initial Version