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Review posted by brianh781 on at


I'm not sure why the core wasn't built this way...
Review posted by PixelFields on at


Used this as a base to create my own custom form design.Very, very useful - thank you!
Review posted by madeforspace on at

A great add on

This block makes dealing with the built in C5 forms so much easier.
Great template and fantastic support.

I highly recommend this add on.
Review posted by ally2112 on at


Allowed me to create a attractively styled form with no hassle through CSS
Review posted by DAquilina on at


It did exactly what I needed it to do right out of the box. Semantic markup is severly underrated. You've done good work here. Well done.
Review posted by laweffect on at

A life saver

Having already prepared a stylesheet for tableless forms, this worked right out of the box. Much praise to the developer!
Review posted by sully210 on at

Life Saver Again!!!

This guy is a true example of a good human being. His add-ons are incredible, they all work exactly how they are supposed to and most of them are FREE. If anyone wants to get together a little something to send along as a gesture of thanks I'm in. I use his add-ons on ALL OF MY SITES and have learned a great deal by doing so. I hope someday I get to a level where I can give back like he does. Truly a shining star in the community. All the best Jordan and thank you for millionth time.
Review posted by imJack on at


Now I can style the forms, and clients can add form in and not have to worry about how they look. AWESOME!
Review posted by imJack on at


Now I can style the forms, and clients can add form in and not have to worry about how they look. AWESOME!
Review posted by redkite on at

This is wonderful!

I don't understand why the default form is in a (shudder) table, but this is a great and simple-to-use alternative. Thanks!
Review posted by JaPPa on at

It's so sexy

Perfectly written and easy to style. Very happy with this add-on. Would recommend it to everyone that has any need to style his/her form.
Review posted by OKDnet on at

You'll be glad this is here too...

Found I needed this early on, and I certainly am glad it's here. Not to mention the price is right :-)
Review posted by Gingebean on at

Great !!!! thanks

really good for styling :: thanks just needed to add the code below to get rid of the inline styling on the textarea

//Make type names common-sensical
if ($questionRow['inputType'] == 'text') {
$question['type'] = 'textarea';
//added by ginge to get rid of inline style
$question['input'] = str_replace('style="width:95%"', '', $question['input']);
Response by jordanlev on at
I've just updated the addon to remove this inline style on textareas -- thanks.
Review posted by juddc on at

Fantastic Add-On

Nice work - this is just what the Form block needs. Indispensable.
Review posted by foiseworth on at

If you are a developer/designer then this is must have

Jordanlev delivers yet another stunning piece of work without which concrete5 would just not be fun to work with.
Review posted by benfrainuk on at

Great work by jordanlev

Stirling work by jordanlev. Like other posters I install this by default on every C5 site I build.
Review posted by AngusHume on at

Nice work!

I only wish I had found this before battling to format the default block output, it's a mess. Your solution is so much more elegant. Thank you.
Review posted by ianmcd on at


Thanks so much for this, after sifting through files for a bit I still couldn't figure out how to approach this problem. Your add-on is exactly what I was hoping it would be!

Also, the template files are beautifully organized for those of us who may not have the in depth PHP knowledge you'd need to solve this problem on your own.

5 stars, thanks again!
Review posted by adamjohnson on at

Great addition to Concrete5

Another great and free Add On from Jordan. The Tableless Form template will go on every Concrete5 site I make from here forward.

Thanks Jordan!
Review posted by carlos123 on at

Well done!

As a web developer it's not often that I see code that almost immediately makes sense to me. Even though I know HTML, CSS, and PHP. Most code that I look at, however good it's functionality may be, is poorly written and with comments almost non-existent.

The code in this Add-On is a thing of beauty in comparison. A pleasure to read and look through and more importantly easily modified to suit my fancy as a result.

Jordan did an excellent job!

Review posted by Metaglyphics on at


Thanks so much for developing this. It's such a simple solution, but it saved me a lot of time.

It's surprising that the core functionality for forms requires tables, but this renders that issue pretty much moot.
Response by jordanlev on at
Thanks David. At first I was shocked and dismayed that the core functionality used tables. But after developing this I realized that it's actually a decent solution, because tables require zero styling to line up properly, so if you're not a designer or comfortable with CSS and you're just building a site with blocks, it's really the best default solution.

That being said, it would have been nice if the controller code for the form block was a bit cleaner and gave the information in a more useful way -- that's basically what all the php code at the top of this file is doing, but it really should not be in the view. Maybe some day... (and the autonav and search blocks need some cleanup as well :)
Review posted by tallacman on at

Wow! This now goes on every site I build.

This is a godsend. Modify the style for every site you build. I just opened up the php file and Jordans clear comments make it a breeze to add your own class name or div id to the output wrapper. Then write your css using your own unique selectors and you can move anything anywhere and style your elements 'til your blue in the face. I love it.

Now I've got to go back and restyle 30+ themes in the marketplace. Yikes!

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