Version History

Fixed scrolling back to top with dependencies
Fixed redirect issue (thank you afixia)
Added default options to Select-element
Added ability to remove complete row including the elements
Fixed columns problems for Radio- and Checkbox-elements
Changed some css in view.css and css-files in templates

Fixed some jquery issues for resizing steps
Fixed number of results on results-page (only >= 8.4)
Fixed "please wait" message on editing form with files

Fixed return to "any value" issue with dependencies
Fixed placeholder in Select-element (thanks Patej)
Fixed dependency on Date-element
Added translation strings in Upload-element

Added custom selected countries in Address-element
Added default selected country in Address-element
Added geocode finder within Address-element
Added min-max year option to Date-element
Fixed minor javascript bug
Fixed dynamic height of step, based on active dependencies
Fixed firing wrong event on successfull submission
Fixed "contains" dependency in mailing
Fixed return to "any value" issue with dependencies
Fixed weird buttons while adding dependencies

Fixed dependencies (sorry! Made a booboo with commented code)
Fixed ability dragging elements after moving layout
Added "Signature"-element

Fixed removing loading image on wrong submission
Fixed javascript error when using counting
Fixed "Allowed Memory Size" when using dependencies
Fixed error on deleting "step"

Fixed error on adding dependency rule
Fixed error on loading images
Fixed error on saving new form with errors
Fixed submission error in Firefox when previewing form
Fixed minor javascript issue for buttons
Form hidden in formlist when edit permissions set
Added permissions for adding forms (via /application/config/)

Added multi-step (or multi-page) option
Added permissions on results
Added event examples in /controller.php (line: 336)
Fixed submitting twice
Fixed lost dependencies on duplication of form
Fixed empty form name in mail
Removed duplicate code
Moved some javascript for better customization

Delete all results at once
Matching values in dependency never in mail
Sorting issue on duplication
Change "Object" to "ConcreteObject" for PHP7
Fixed dependency on button-element
Fixes for PHP7

Removed masking of REQUEST variable
Fixed default value from REQUEST
Fixed uploader issue in 8.4.2 (declaration error in Fileimporter)
Changed the default view and template views (captcha issue)
Fixed wrong order in Address-element

Fixed Validator issue after upgrading to 8.4.2

Fixed Results Error in 8.4.1
Fixed error on Reply-To setting in mail
Fixed issue with error on empty variable
Fixed dependency on layout elements1.1.3

Fixed some styling issues
Uploading progress blocks submit-button
Fixed dependencies not working with multiple forms. (thank you Marc)

Fixed dependency issues (new javascript)
GDPR fix (thank you, fridayphoto)
Fixed minor bugs

Replaced masking plugin (masked fields needs updating!)
Fixed word count on textarea
Added GDPR Compliance
Added GDPR Agree element

Fix for 8.2.3

Fixed custom classes to elements

Fixed /User class not found
New method for platform and browser data
Fixed not saving CC or BCC in mail settings
Fixed stateselector when there is no country

Fixed error on adding mailing (thanks Graham)

Fixed uploading issue (undefined)
Changed Dutch language

Fixed "operator error" for checkbox and radio
Fixed coding error in Textarea element
Fixed unclosed div in results-page
Add placeholder to Date Element

Validation on URL and E-mailaddress changed

Fixed single quote issue in mailing (thanks olacom)
Fixed error on validation on checkbox and radio
Fixed fullname not showing in form
Fixed not showing chars-counter in form

Fixed redirect error after submission
Fixed empty page and user fields
Added page and user attributes to mailing
Fixed error abstact error SearchProvider on 8.2.1

Fixed error on other formats in Date Element
Fixed minor dependency issue
Fixed for 8.2 (IPservice)

Added sorting options for select, checkbox and radio
Added adding in bulk for select, checkbox and radio
Fixed typo (succesfully)

Fixed issues PRB
Added a default-view for non-bootstrap users
Added custom errors for elements
Added templates for mailings
Added ability to change format for checkboxes and radios

Initial version