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Before 1.1.0

Review posted by MarcYBB on at

Great add-on and developer support.

I have a lot of forms on my site... building them was easy with the Formidable add-on. The UI takes care of dependencies and the form layout is 100% customizable. Bug issues or 'How do I...?' questions were answered by Formidable support quickly and with solutions that work.
The $60 cost is a bargain - having a developer code the same forms I was able to do myself with Formidable would have cost literally thousands of $$$.
Response by DeWebmakers on at
Thank you!

1.1.0 -

Review posted by saito0730 on at

Great ADD-ON

It is a very good add-on function and I am very saved. Thank you very much!

1.1.0 -

Review posted by katalysis on at

Excellent form manager

Provides a much more comprehensive alternative to built in concrete5 forms.

The range of field types and configuration options and control over design through Custom Templates were particularly useful.

Being able to easily pass variables to invisible fields was exceptionally useful in a particular project.

Support also first rate.
Review posted by Dutchwave on at

Great Add-on, even better support!

The advanced functions and working with dependencies can be a bit off a challenge. But once you figure it out a lot is possible! Support has always been the best, cheers!

(future feature request, add columns to a column)

1.1.6 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great Form Editor

This puppy will do whatever you throw at it! Great job!

1.1.7 -

Review posted by lschlosberg497 on at

Great Support! Great Design

Responded immediately to a problem I encountered, was super helpful, and really fast in resolving the problem! So fantastic customer support, and the app is great to boot! Allows me to design complex forms, even when I haven't done that many before (so good for beginners) and they work flawlessly. I love that I can fully format the confirmation emails making for a really integrated customer experience. Highly recommend!

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