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I just would like to confirm something; is it possible for someone submitting the form to pick additional recipient to email notifications by selecting an email address in a drop down list?

For example: let's say I want Mister A to fill a form and let his manager, Mister B get a notification email of his submission. Can I add a drop down list of email addresses (of all managers) as a field in the form so that Mister A can select his manager?

Then when submitting, Mister B would receive a notification by email with the form submission made by Mister A. Problem is, I don't want Mister B to be the only recipient; I would like to be able to add Mister C and D as "usual recipients" as well.

Is this possible?

I've just noticed that Formidable Lite doesn't allow file upload and attachments yet; when will the new version of Formidable (compatible with C5 - be ready?

Many thanks,


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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

It can't be done in the Lite version.
I'm working on a full version that will be able to do that though.
Hope to make it public by the end of the month.



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