Available default elements:

  • Single text
  • Textarea
  • Radiobutton
  • Checkbox
  • Selectbox (single, multi)
  • Hidden

Available advanced elements:

  • Email Address
  • Website (URL)
  • Address
  • Integer
  • Range (HTML5)
  • Slider (jQuery UI)
  • Password (with strength indicator)
  • Phonenumber
  • Date (datepicker, input, select)
  • Time (timepicker, input, select)
  • Rating (stars)
  • Recipient Selector (single, multi)
  • Fileupload (multi, ajax)
  • Fullname (firstname, prefix, lastname)

Available Static text and HTML:

  • Heading (h1 - h6)
  • Paragraph (p, div, etc...)
  • HTML (TinyMCE)
Available Layout elements
  • Horizontal rule
  • Fieldset (with legend)
  • Break (spacing)
  • Code (HTML)

More features for the elements "Other" option
Selectionboxes, checkboxes and radiobuttons can be expanded with "other" option, which opens a textfield or textarea.

Minimum and maximum values
Fields can handle minimum and maximum values, characters or selections.Count words, characters or selections.

Email Addresses, Passwords, URL can ask for comfirmation. So another field is added just to confirm the first input. 


Default value(s)

Mask your element
You can add masks to some fields, so the input is forced to be the same on every submission. Some fields like phonenumber have pre-defined masks.

Format elements
Determine the format of the values (datepicker, timepicker)

Change appearance of field
In some cases you can deside the appearance of the field


Captures sender details (Page, IP, User, Time, Browser, Platform, Screenresolution)

Custom classes to form and elements

Easy sorting form elements (drag/drop)

Duplicate elements

Create custom e-mails

  • Page selector and filemanager for creating mails
    When creating a mail you can use the best of C5 features!
  • Easy intergration of elements and submitted values into mails
  • Set sender (custom or submitted value)
  • Set Reply-To when custom sender is selected
  • Set recipient (custom or submitted value)
  • Add attachments
  • Duplicate mails

Buttons and Captcha
Buttons can be managed in the form properties. You can lable the submit-button and add and label the clear-button

There is also a new captcha module. This captcha module asks the submitter to solve a simple equation. You can enable the use of captcha in the form properties.

HTML5 form elements
Formidable can use HTML5 form elements. This for better use on mobile devices or new browsers. You can enable the use of HTML5 in the form properties.

You can prompt the submitter to do a review of his or her submission. So before any data will be send or submitted the submitter needs to check the soon to be submitted values. 

Ajax submission and validation of the form
Ajax validation of the form and ajax submit. After submission you can redirect the submitter to a page or show a message to the submitter. Both options are available! 

Formidable allows you to use different templates for the form. Besides the default template there is a clean version. And also a Twitter Bootstrap template (form-horizontal).

Capture browser / screen information
Capture some more details from the submitter. Browser, Platform and Screenresolution.

Duplicating forms
Duplicate already created forms with one click!

You can block the form after a number of submissions on global, IP or user level.

You are able to schedule a form. The form is only available before, after or between a certain date or dates.

You can add dependencies to elements. This will effect the behaviour or value of the element. Like changing values, show or hide, enable or disable and some more... 

You can use events to do something. Events are still a beta, so suggestions are welcome. Checkout /models/events.php in the package directory.

on_formidable_validation - fires on validation
on_formidable_review - fires when a submission is reviewed
on_formidable_submit - fires after successfully submitted