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Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an integration for Mautic ( )?

I think the fact that you already built in an architecture for adding integrations is fabulous, and one example of what makes this add-on great. Marketing automation is fundamentally important, and Mautic is fabulous (and being Open Source it seems to me to be a logical and great "fit"). But unless I can pass the data captured by Formify also into Mautic, I'm forced to choose one or the other for forms, and that is not something I want to have to choose.

FYI, the very popular Contact Form 7 plugin for Wordpress has this integration with Mautic (which of course you could refer to in addition to the Mautic API.).

Speaking of API's, if you can't add this any time soon, please say so, and then is there a Formify API or some documentation on how to use its Integrations architecture?

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