[bug] Records don't delete in some cases

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I'm testing Formify to see if it will work for a project I have. One thing I noticed is an oddity about deleting records. I had a form with two fields, name and file attachment. I added a record and put a name in, but no file was attached. I then removed the file attachment field from the form, and added another (email IIRC). Then I added a second record.

Since the first record doesn't exactly work with the new form, I tried to delete it. It gives me no error when I try to delete it, but deleting it doesn't seem to actually remove it. Telling it again to delete it does not seem to work either.

Seems like a bug to me.

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jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, pretty weird.

I tested this on the Formify demo site and am able to replicate. The demo is running a slightly older version Formify and when I tested it on the latest version of Formify it seemed to work fine.

I've now uploaded the latest version of Formify to the demo site. Give it a shot and let me know if you still have problems.

BloodyIron replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure thing! Would you be so kinds as to have the formify demo site display the version that it's currently demoing? This way people like me can know what features are available for testing relative to latest. Generally though it would be nice to have the latest version on it ;)
jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply
Agreed! I just get behind sometimes :)

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