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Hi there,

I'm a bit stuck with email templates - do we absolutely have to keep the table?

I want to include values in line with text to send an email to the submitter and the only thing I manage to get is an empty email when using a div instead of a table... I tried using the attributes from this page in a div but it didn't work, and I tried the one in the original "details" template which didn't work either.

Anyone can help? Maybe posting an example of a non table based template?

Let's say I want something like this:

Dear {{first-name}},

Thank you for your request, a member of our admin team will be in touch with you shortly to arrange an appointment.
If you have not given permission for us to leave an answerphone message on the telephone number(s) provided and you have not heard from us after one week of completing this form, please contact the appropriate service.

This is the information you provided:
First Name: {{ First-Name }}
Surname: {{ Surname }}
Gender: {{ Gender }}
Your referral letter: {{letter}} <- I would need to see a link to the upload file there

How do I do that?

Sorry, it surely is something really easy and simple but my knowledge and experience with coding is fairly basic.

Many thanks!


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PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
You don't need to use tables. The only thing that struck me when I looked at your template code is that you may not actually be using the field handle when you reference it in the template. I just created a form and the notification code as below

Hello {{ field-88 }} <br />
Hi you said you are: {{ field-112 }}

I left the field handle as the default when creating the field. You appear to be using the field name not the handle. See attached graphic. You can change the field handle to match the field label if you wish - it needs to be lower case and use hyphens instead of blank space.

chergas replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Phil,

Thanks for your help - I've changed all field handles to lower-case only and it works :)

Sorry about this - our old CMS seemed not to be bothered by caps in handle and I never thought Formify didn't like it.

Many thanks,


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