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I have a need for this form add-on, but I wanted to verify that it can register users upon form submission. Also, can it redirect to a page only viewable by "Registered Users" upon submission? If so I may be purchasing multiple licenses.

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jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply

No, it doesn't currently do this, but we might could make some tweaks in order to make that possible. How are you envisioning that this works?
ryderdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
The objective is to have a download page for contractors bidding on projects where they can access PDFs related to a specific project. The "Document Library" Add-On from C5 will work perfectly for the file display based on group, but I need that user registered and added to a group. I noticed you had the ability to add users to specific groups via Formify, so I assumed it was also registering them for the site as well. I guess that's not the case, but the idea is that once a User completes the a form, they are registered, and added to the group associated with that project. They are then redirected to a page that is created for that project where there is a document library listing of files associated with (visible to) that group. So to summarize, each "project" would have a form, a group, a page, and PDF files associated with it. I know the registration can be done without validation, so I'm assuming they can simply be redirected upon form submission to a page that it otherwise hidden to non-users. It's not the most secure system, but it really doesn't need to be. This is for a government contractor, so if this works we will be using this on multiple sites, and therefore purchasing multiple licenses. Additionally, I have a client who owns a national chain of storage buildings where we are looking to do something similar but displaying a third-party system instead of files.
ryderdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
BTW, ProForms by Radiant Web had a C5 addon that registered users upon form submission, so I'm assuming it's possible with 5.7+. Any chance this is possible?

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