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A client wants me to build a downloads section with gated content.

The idea is that a form would be submitted and it would need to either then redirect the user to a specified page where the file could be downloaded, and/or also send a notification email to the user with the relevant download link in it. I guess that another possible nice solution would be to add the user into a user group and then show content based on permissions.

Are any/all of these things possible with Formify?

Many thanks.

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PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply
I use formify for exactly that purpose. An end user fills in a form selects which files they want and that activates different notification emails depending on what they want ,with the appropriate download links.

You could probably use express forms in c5 if you just wanted to redirect a user to a specific page

drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice one - thanks for responding Phil!

All the best.

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