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Can Formify route notification emails based on a form field, similar to Gravity Forms' (Wordpress) routing feature? In my case, the client has several stores which each have a manager. I would like to route the notification emails to the correct store manager based on the location that the user chooses from a select box field.

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PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply
Formify does have the ability to send notification emails to a dynamic destination based on a form field. However, your needs seem a little more complex in that you want to base it on an attribute of a selected form value. I thought you might be able to do this by using the "hidden" field and visibility rules, that approach limits you to one email for one selected shop, but as you can have multiple notifications set up you could have more than one hidden field and extra notifications. However, as the hidden fields always show up in database whether invisible in the form or not it always triggers all the notifications. However, using a second radio button field with just a single email value and visibility rules based on the selected shop in the previous field did work. It is a bit odd but it does work.
It would probably be simpler if the attributes worked but the developer has yet to implement that feature.

A simpler approach may be to have a separate form for each store.

Best Phil
jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Another approach to this would be using conditional notifications. You can essentially say "If this field=x, send a notification to [email protected]"

Take a look at the attached screenshot to see how it works...
PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply
Interesting! I have never used conditional notifications! Great to discover more capabilities in formify.
ChannelMarkerMedia replied on at Permalink Reply
@jgarcia this is exactly what I came back to this thread to mention. Conditional notifications are the way to do this. Thanks.

The only thing that would make conditional notifications better is if I could select the value from a select box if the form field has options (select, radio, checkbox..etc), rather than manually typing the value.

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