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Hello, So I have a notification and have "Only send this notification under the following condition" checked.
I would like to have two Values chosen as an option. eg: Option 3 or Option 4
Is that possible? Is so, what is the way it would be written out in the field?
"Option 3","Option 4"
'Option 3';'Option 4'
I'm trying a bunch of different ways but nothing is working.

To go into more detail in case it's needed:
Currently, I have a notification that emails to one e-mail address. In the form there's a choice on what Community the user has interest in (there's about 15 options).
My team needs to have it so if two of these Communities are chosen, it would e-mail two other e-mail addresses.
So I added two more notifications, and used the 'if Community is equal to [Community 5/6 name] then e-mail the form' method, which works. But it also sends an e-mail to the main Notification (with all 15 options). So I'm trying to put in that piece, "If the Community field is #5 or #6, don't send an e-mail"
It works if I just put the name of Community 5 or Community 6, but I'm trying to write it out so it would look for both names and not send an e-mail if either one of those were chosen. Hoping there's a way to write that I haven't tried yet that will work.

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PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply
I am not the developer but in my experience you cant have multiple values in the "Only send this notification under the following condition" settings.

I was a bit confused with your detailed description but I dont think there is any way to get it to not send an email under certain conditions. You could make your main notification email a kind of junk email address and add the others (or not) as needed. Not sure if that makes sense.
tcreighton replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Phil, appreciate you reading through my long rambling. :)

The way I have it, it says, "Only send an e-mail if [Community 5] is not chosen" which does works. I'm just hoping there's a way to have two communities listed.
Only other way I can think of is to create 15 different Notifications that are specific for when each community is chosen. Which I was trying to avoid.

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