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Is there a way to display the approbation status in Formify View? i.e., is there a curly-brackets code snippet to do this?

In the same vein, I'm actually looking for a way to allow someone to approve/reject a record from Formify View, any idea how to achieve this?


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PhilYoung replied on at Permalink Reply
You can display the record status in a formify view template using

{{ status }} - Renders the approval status of the record

Currently you cannot do an approval from a formify view. However, it is in the future road map. See below (now updated from version 2.4)

## ROAD MAP ##

None known!

In Progress

Centralized notification settings/defaults (from address, specifically)

Long Term
"Other" option for option-based fields
Duplicate form
Upgrade to MailChimp API v3
Approval link in Formify View template
Shift/Cmd+Click on Records to select multiple
Daily digest/export
Repeatable Fields?
Pass handle via URL (for Formify View)
Validate section divider on next/prev
Scroll to top on next/prev
Finish attributes

Completed Road Map Items


* Feature - Sort by field now works on Formify View

* Feature - Adjustment to default HTML email template
* Feature - Show field count on form listing
* Feature - Adjust post-submit action when managing records on the back-end

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