Adding a Container

  • Log in to your site
  • Navigate to the desired page
  • Put the site in to "Edit" mode
  • Click on the desired area
  • Click "Add Block"
  • Choose the "Formigo Containers" block
  • Enter your content
  • Choose your images
  • Customize your colors
  • Pick your container
  • Click "Add"


Choosing your template/container

Choosing your template/container couldn't be easier - in fact there are 2 ways to do it.

Choose your container from the drop down list from with in the add/edit interface, or select the "Custom Template" option by clicking on the block once it has been added to the page.


Adding Images

There are 3 ways to add images to your container.

You can use the 2 built in image selectors from the "images" page within the editing interface or actually add one to the body of your container using the TinyMCE editor. If you wish to align your images then using TinyMCE is probably the option for you.


Customizing the Container

When customizing your container it is worth noting that the styles that are applied are often dependent on the container you have chosen. For example on the "Speech Bubble" containers any border set will be applied underneath the title; conversly a border set on the "Rounded" container will apply a border around the whole content/description area.

If you want to remove/hide the border on say the "Speech Bubble" container then you should set the border color the same as the main background color.