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Hey there! Just to wanted to let you know we've just reduced all our 5.6 themes and add-ons. For the most part you can buy themes for only $25 and add-ons for only $15. In all cases you can get a 5 pack for the price of 3!

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- 25 May 2016

Formigo Slider

Formigo Slider is a fully responsive content slider, which supports four different slide layouts.

When you've put so much effort into building your Concrete5 site around a responsive theme, it's sometimes disappointing when an add-on, particularly a presentational add-on, doesn't work in a responsive way, undermining the abilities of your responsive site.

Formigo Slider is a fully responsive content slider which supports both images and text in four different slide layouts. Using Formigo Slider when your site goes responsive, so does the slider, scaling all the way down to smart phone viewports for both images and text.

It's highly configurable too, lending itself to any theme, especially responsive themes and of course, it's far more SEO friendly than your standard sliders which only rotate images.

Key Features

  • Responsive for images and content
  • 4 different slide templates
  • Set slide display duration
  • Set slide transition speed
  • Customisable slide navigation. Button icons style can circular or rounded square, button color and button hover color can also be changed
  • Additonal side 'Next/Previous' navigation if desired
  • Background color can be set for the entire slideshow
  • Autoplay if desired
  • Intuitive slide maintainance interface (does not use page lists), with TinyMCE editor available for building the text/html portions of slides
  • Activate/Deactivate slides whilst working on them
  • Manage slide display order
  • Set Alt text on all images
  • Text content indexable by Concrete5 site search

Four slide templates are included

  • Left Image
  • Right Image
  • Full Width Image
  • Full Width Text

Please note: The responsive nature of Formigo Slider means it is limited to one use per page.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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