Each Social Links block is configured using simple options. The majority of the social feeds require no authentication, you will simply need to choose a social service and provide your User Id for the service.

Optionally you can also specify a custom title, if you don't want to use the default title set by the block, several visual customization options and you can set a limit on the number of items from each feed you wish to display.

RSS Feeds

If you choose this service you will be prompted to enter the URI of the feed you wish to use.

Services requiring Authentication

Google+, Facebook, Instagram and all require that an API key or access token is sent with each request.  Choosing one of these options will display an additional field for this information.

The process for obtaining an API Key or Access Token, varies from service to service.  But the process for each is briefiy outlined below. If you require more specific information for a service please consult the relevant help resources provided by the services themselves.

Additionally you will also need your Google+ User ID. You can find this by visiting your Google+ page and copying the long nunber that is part of the link when you click on your name, near the home icon.

Obtaining an API Key for Google+

Visit this page, login if prompted. On the drop down top left of screen, click 'Create'. Provide a new name for your new project. Next specify which services this project should have access to:  Activate the 'Google+ API' service by clicking the switch to on. Click the 'API Access' tab on the left, and make a note of the API Key. 

Obtaining an Access Token for Instagram

Step 1. Visit this page, login if prompted. Click register application. Ciick the green 'Register a New Client' button.  Complete the form. The details do not matter but use a real website. Make a note of your Client ID.

Step 2. Next visit this page. Substitute CLIENT-ID for the number you made a note of in the previous step. Replace REDIRECT-URI with the information you gave when registering the application.

Click the green "Authorise" button.  You may have to login first.

You should be redirected to the Redirect URI you specified. Make a note of the ?access_token pararameter appended to the URI.

Enter the Access Token in the Formigo Social Life Block, where prompted. The number before the period is also your User ID.

Obtaining an API Key for

Visit this page, login if prompted, and then click 'Create API Account'. Provide the information required and click the 'Create Account' button, and make a note of the API Key provided. Enter that key in the Formigo Social Life Block, where prompted.

Authentication process for Twitter

Twitter deprecated their 1.0 api. The status feed used by this add-on now requires authentication. The steps are detailed on Twitters website.

To summarise, you need to obtain four pieces of information:

  • Access Token
  • Access Token Secret
  • API Key
  • API Key Secret

By registering your site as an App pn, and creating an access token for your twitter account to the app you can get all this information. Add it to the configuration options for Twitter in the sociallife add-on and you're done.

Flickr ID's

Best place to get your Flickr ID is from here