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Free Cookies Disclosure

Here's some facts:

  • Obeying the law is free
  • Using concrete5 is free

So lemme ask you this:
How much does those two add to?

That's right! You don't have to have Ph.D. in Mathematics to count that $0+$0 equals to $0.


The cookie law directive in EU requires every site to notify users if the site uses cookies. So if you or your clients are worried about this issue, here's a great solution to solve the problem for free.

The display of the disclosure message is inspired by the cookiesDirective.js script by Ollie Phillips.

This add-on also works for browsers that have JavaScript disabled!

The add-on is fully customizable and offers a dashboard view to manage some of its settings. You can find this view under Dashboard => System & Settings => Basics => Cookies Disclosure Settings. The content for the notification box is also fully customizable through Stacks. You can also have different notification stacks for different languages if you're running a multilingual site.

Please note! This add-on tries to disable only the tracking codes inserted through concrete5 on your site before visitors have allowed cookies. No guarantee is given that this works in 100% of the situations because e.g. if you're minifying your HTML source, this will fail. Please read the documentation for more information.

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