Version History

v1.0.0 Release

v0.9.7 Changes:
- Error corrected due to core time zone use change in C5-8.1.0

v0.9.6 Changes:
- register assets moved to registerViewAssets()
- text input changed to DateTime picker widget

v0.9.5 Changes:
- added DateTime formatting to display system time zoned dates
- fixed error in JS date format localization

v0.9.4 Changes:
- minor improvements with input validation in form

v0.9.3 Changes:
- minor improvements with variable size definitions in db.xml and form

v0.9.2 Changes:
- variable size added to db.xml

v0.9.1 Changes:
- Russian translation added
- changed registered asset name to 'jquery.countdown', added the asset version

v0.9.0 Original release for PRB review