Version History


v1.0.3 Changes:
- Updated to prevent loading hidden form if not logged in to avoid form submission

v1.0.1 Changes:
- Clicking on 'Read more...' now shows complete message for reading on same page, clicking on Hide will hide part of the message

v1.0.0 Release

v0.9.13 Changes:
- single page load wait error corrected

v0.9.12 Changes:
- font-awesome added to registerViewAssets
- min wait period = 0 means no wait
- single page load wait removed
- getting path of $img_url moved to controller
- error_token changed to less revealing, same error now thrown on block ID mismatch
- post() changed to request->request->all()

v0.9.11 Changes:
- Code for getting user's IP is improved

v0.9.10 Changes:
- Fixed errors as suggested by PRB
- Tested in C5-8.3.2 so changed min required version to 8.3.2

v0.9.9 Changes:
- Error in single page controller save function fixed where admin moderated comment was saved without uID and IP

v0.9.8 Changes:
- Deprecated redirect() changed to Redirect::to()
- Delete All Comments button added

v0.9.7 Changes:
- Unique ID changed from IP to uID

v0.9.6 Changes:
- Block templates rearranged to be Bootstarp by default
- 'enctype' removed from forms
- "Number of Letters" changed to "Number of Characters"
- Max number of characters validation corrected
- Max number of characters removed on moderation page (admin can post whatever)

v0.9.5 Changes:
- some <div> replaced with <p>
- User is returned to same page after login

v0.9.4 Changes:
- Min Wait Period between Posts setting is added to Settings

v0.9.3 Changes:
- Comment added for empty but required install function

v0.9.2 Changes:
- Replaced ItemList pagination with new non-deprecated code
- Deleted short echo tags
- Replaced UserInfo with new non-deprecated code
- Provided templates with bootstrap default buttons
- function action_submit revised to update message, approval and uID if posted form same IP

v0.9.1 Changes:
- new User declaration moved to controller
- isLoggedIn changed to isRegistered
- 1000 symbols limit made optional
- "Comment" removed
- URL::to used instead of URL::page and redirect
- validate function removed from block controller
- Unused use statement removed

v0.9.0 PRB version