Select who can use it

In any Front End File Manager block the user(s) allowed access can be selected from:

  • The owner of the page
  • A single user
  • A group of users

Users that don’t have access simply don’t get to see the block. You can even have multiple Front End File Managers on the same page, each set up for a different user and placed next to a different gallery block. Each user will only see their own Front End File Manager link.


Multiple templates provide:

  • A big icon to click for the File Manager
  • A small icon to click for the File Manager
  • Plain text links
  • High Z-index version so the icon or link stays above a slide show

File Manager Heading

The heading shown by the file manager can be set when editing a Front End File Manager block; you can use it to prompt users to add files to a particular set. For example “Front End File Manager – add files to the ‘Franz’s Gallery’ file set”.


While Front End File Manager is very easy to configure, to add Front End File Manager securely on a multi user site, you will also need to set up File Manager permissions at Dashboard > System > Permissions > Files

You may also want to set up Advanced Permissions (though Advanced Permissions is not a prerequisite).

File Types

By default, Front End File Manager will only upload image file types. This is usually a good security feature, because the file manager can also delete files. A missing image won't break anything.

This behaviour can be overridden globally by defining the constant FEFM_FILE_TYPE in config/site.php with any of the following values:

  • T_TEXT
  • false (no restrictions)

Note that FEFM_FILE_TYPE is a global setting and governs all Front End File Manager blocks throughout a concrete5 installation.