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Users of Front End File Manager often need to configure permissions for users of the concrete5 File Manager.

If you type 'permission' into the dashboard search box, it will give a list of dashboard pages and relevant help.

Of particular relevance are 'File Manager Permissions' and 'Task permissions'.

The latest documentation can be found at:

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I Recently had a support request asking for more deatils on FEFM and permissions in 5.6+. The following is adapted from my answer to that support request.
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Supposing user ABC is the one you want to give access to.

For the FEFM block and the page the block is on you can do any one of:

- Select ABC in FEFM
- Make ABC the page owner and select Page Owner in FEFM
- Add ABC to a user group and select that group in FEFM

Now in the dashboard, you need to make sure that ABC also has access to the c5 filemanager.

In c5.6+ go to the File Manger Permissions as per the c5 editors guide:

If you look at all the permissions that administrators have, you can assign any of those permissions to your user ABC. You can assign them directly to ABC, or assign them to any group that ABC is in.

If you think of File Manager Permission as a set, and FEFM access as another set, you need user ABC to be within the intersection of those two sets. FEFM will then allow them to pop up the file manager with whatever capabilities you have set in the File manager Permissions.

If you don't need advanced permissions for anything else, see if you can add ABC (or a group ABC is in) to the file manager permissions first without enabling advanced permissions.

The reason I say 'may' w.r.t advanced permissions is that my c5.6 development systems all have advanced permissions enabled, so in c5.6+ I can't say categorically that it is possible without.

You may need to enable advanced permissions:

The complication with advanced permissions is that once enabled there is no going back to basic permissions. So Maybe take a backup before enabling them, just in case you change your mind!!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a c5 video on setting up File Manager permissions and a howto on permissions in 5.6.1:

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