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In the upload dialogscreen I want to change the text and language in the button 'Choose file' and the text asside 'No file chosen'.
I'm running Concrete5 in Dutch and automaticly the text is translated into: (button) 'Bestand kiezen' and the text 'Geen bestand gekozen'.
Where can I find the file(s)to change this?
They are not in the messages.po file.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I am away from my development system this week, so am unable to be as precise as
I normally would.

- Some of the upload dialog is configurable through the block edit.

- The actual form is in the package /elements/ file uploader_form.php. Depending
on your version of c5, you may be able to override this file, or you may
unfortunately have to edit the original file.

- With an upload form, the name of the actual file upload form button may be
fixed by the browser (this is a browser security thing)


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fritsspits replied on at Permalink Reply
Dear John,
Thanx for your replay. I'll wait when your are back to give me detailed information. I already did what you wrote in your answer. I don't know where to find the button specifications. If possible I want to change the layout of this button too.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Now back at my desk and I have double checked this.

The label of the 'Browse' button and the empty field message for an HTML file field are fixed by browsers.

Filament group have published a way round this that you could experiment with, but it will require you to do some js development work.

You would need to add an additional jquery ready handler to the end of the package /elements/ file uploader_form.php (either directly, or through an override if your version of c5 supports overriding of package elements). In that ready handler, base your development on the filament group post.

You could put the associated css and jquery plugins into the root js and css folders, or add them to the js and css folders for Front End Uploader, or add them to the header items loaded by Front End Uploader.

Bear in mind that the filament group code is >2 years old. Browsers and jQuery have moved on since then, so it will probably require some updating to get it working.

If you google 'change label of html file upload field' there are some other postings on this, but I have not read them in detail.

Stackovertflow has a short response on it:
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
In v2.0 I have implemented the clear file field button trick.

This means that (on browsers other than ie<10):

- The file field is now styled to match the rest of the dialog.

- The label can be changed by changing a snippet of text within the package element 'traditional_uploader_form.php'.

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