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I wish to allow my users to upload files to image galleries. It looks like the Front End File loader will be the perfect tool for allowing them to easily upload files to a file set and add captions.

Do you know if anyone has used this tool in conjunction with jordanlev's Deluxe Image Gallery? The Deluxe Image Gallery uses File Sets and takes the captions from the File Manager. Sounds like the two apps should integrate nicely.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Diane

The main thing to check is that the gallery processes the fileset as it

Some gallery blocks list the fileset in their edit dialogs, so the list
of files is fixed at the time the block is edited and saved, then not
updated when the fileset is updated.

You should be able to test that by adding files to an existing gallery
fileset using the file manager and see them appear in the gallery.

With that test passed, Front End File Uploader should work with the
gallery nicely.


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