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The Front End File Uploader view is designed for easy templating as changing the icon/button is one of the user customisations anticipated during development.

A selection of alternate templates are included with the block, including high-z versions to sit above slide shows and a minimal 'unstyled link'.

To re-style the icon or link, first, copy one of the existing view templates into

To change the icon, simply edit the line:
$edit_icon = DIR_REL.'/packages/jl_front_end_uploader/......png';

To point to $edit_icon to the url of the icon you want to use.

To style a link, start from the 'unstyled link' version of the template and change the line:
<a id="<?php echo $fefuid;?>" style="cursor:pointer;"><?php echo t('Upload File');?></a>

Here you can style the link as a button or apply whatever styles you like to the uploader link.

The one thing you must keep is the part:
id="<?php echo $fefuid;?>"

As this is what the JavaScript keys on to pop the upload dialog.

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