I am away from my development system from 9 December 'till the end of the month. I anticipate being online every few days to check support.

Front End Fileset Tools

Front End Fileset Tools provides a block to manage a fileset directly on a page. No messy page refreshes. No need for dashboard access. Everything works through on-page controls and dialogs that use an AJAX interface to the server:

    • Sort the order of files
    • Edit the properties of each file in the fileset
    • Edit the attributes of each file in the fileset
    • Preview images in a lightbox overlay
    • Remove files from the fileset
    • Delete files
    • Integrates with Front End File Uploader for uploading.
    • Limit the size of the fileset

Fully configurable on-page management

Which users or groups have access to the on-page tools and what tools are enabled are configured through the block edit dialog. Users that don't have access simply don’t see the block.

Structured for easy css styling of the on-page tools and dialogs. Please see the documentation for details.

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