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Is there a way to change or add a custom display of 600 width and 1000 height, because 800 in not big enough.

I changed the 500, 360 below as mentioned in another post to change the display size of the big picture but it did not work, although my picture dimension is over 3000px.

<a class="thumbg" href="<?php $ih->outputThumbnail1($thumbf,500,360,'');
?>" title="<?php echo $fv->getTitle();?>">
<img src="<?php $ih->outputThumbnail1($thumbf,75,75,''); ?>" width="75"
height="75" border="0" />

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply

Are you using a custom template for the block? Did you get that instruction found here

aleamio replied on at Permalink Reply
I decided not to play with it because it throws the rest of layout off.

It will work when the custom template is set 'none selected'.


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