Adding new images to files sets causes gallery to disappear

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I have been using Gallerific on this website for about 2 years with no problems. The client just sent a bunch of new images to upload to the gallery. When I first tried uploading them I got an Invalid File Type error in the file manager. I then resized the .jpeg's and saved as .png's. This time they uploaded fine and added to the file sets correctly. But, when I go to the gallery page the images don't show up and the dashboard edit bar across the top disappears. However when I remove the newly added images everything starts working correctly again. I have tried saving these images in a variety of ways but it doesn't seem to matter. They will upload and I can add them to the correct file sets but from there the galleries cease to work. Please advise.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
That sounds quite strange. A couple things to check:
1) Is the hosting account full? check the disk space usage in cPanel.
2) Can those particular images be added to a page using the regular core "image" block. If not, the issue probably lies with the way the image was saved/created.
3) Any strange server permissions (possibly caused by a server software upgrade) could prevent the file from being loaded correctly.

If those 3 don't narrow things down, please send through the direct URL where the block has been used so I can see the HTML code and Javascript error.


PS. Please keep in mind the support for Concrete5 add-ons in the marketplace was limited to the first 30 days after purchase around 12 months ago. So I'll be happy to help you on this occasion, but be aware that support this long after purchase is usually by purchased support only.
TinyGiant replied on at Permalink Reply
I really appreciate your extended support on this.

1) The hosting account isn't full
2) Images can be added to regular Image Block
3) I haven't changed anything with the server permissions

Here is the direct URL:

Thank you so much for your assistance.
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
The page HTML output is stopping where the thumbnails are being displayed. So it seems like either a PHP error in the background or a permission issue.

1) double checking if you can add other existing images to the Gallerific block.
2) Look at the C5 "permissions" for the problematic images in the File Manager. See if there's only administrators or another specific group which has access.
3) Click on an image in the File Manager and choose "properties". Look for the thumbnail URL and copy and paste that into a new window to double check it can load ok.
4) If the Gallerific block isn't used on too many pages, you could try uninstalling and re-installing it. There's a possibility of a MySQL database record corruption somewhere which is preventing it from loading up the images correctly.
5) Clear the C5 cache.

There seems to be 1 specific image which is causing it to bomb out. Here's a screenshot:
That's what makes me think there's something specific about that file, and the others are being outputted ok.

Let me know how you go with those above points.

TinyGiant replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey JB,

I can add existing images from the file manager to the gallery no problem.

Permissions are Admin for everything except for view files Guests also have permission

Images in the file manager load ok using their thumbnail URL in a new window.

I uninstalled the Gallerific block and re-installed it and now I can't get anything to appear

I've cleared the cache many times.

I'm not sure what is going on now?!
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmmm... have you tried using the problematic images on any other blocks (other than the core "image" block)? If they cause problems there, there must be something going wrong within the core of C5 relating to permissions for those particular images - rather than a problem with the Gallerific add-on. This particular add-on has been used on thousands of websites and I've never heard of anything like this going wrong so it makes me think there's something specific in your C5 installation. Do you have any other C5 site or development site you can test on?


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