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I just recently purchased your add on to create a portfolio, and I am using the "popup" add on to open up the gallerific page in a lightbox.

This works fine when I load the whole page in the lightbox, but if I pull just the content of "main" (i.e. where your block is active) I get nothing.

Is there some part of your code that creates some information in a place other than main? I would guess you are adding some jscript calls or something to the header perhaps.

Where is that code? Perhaps I can call that area as well into the lightbox, without loading the entire page.

If you have another suggestion, I would also love to here it.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi, you're right. Extra JS & CSS files are included in the header to make the Gallerific work. I recommend in the marketplace description for my Popup Pro block to use the The Void theme (free) for the popup page. This way you can get a nice, clean popup window without unnecessary navigation and background. Here's a direct link the the theme:

Hope this helps.


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