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I realy like this add on - I am going to change all the image galleries on my site to this one. I have a question regarding the large viewing image. On your showcase site it appears to the right of the thumbnails. I can only have mine below the thumbnails. I am using a full page theme ( so I must have the space I presume) Is there a way I can move the thumbnails to the left or below the large viewing picture.

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Good question. At the moment, the current version of the add-on only places thumbnails on the left side, but with a bit of custom CSS code you can override that in your site's CSS file.

1) Simply give your block an ID (or class) - using the "Design" feature in edit mode. Alternatively, your site's template may have a DIV tag surrounding the main body where your gallery is, and you can use that.

2) In your site's CSS file, use the following class "navigationg".

This is the class of the DIV tag that wraps around the thumbnails. It takes a bit of CSS know-how, but you could float it to the right. The DIV tag surrounding the large image is called "contentg".

For example, if you gave the Gallerific block an ID of "mygall", your CSS code could look like this:

#mygall .navigationg{float:right;}
#mygall .contentg{float:left;}

I haven't tested this code, but it does give you a place to start from. I would also suggest using the code inspector in Google Chrome to play with the CSS attributes "live" without having to constantly upload revised CSS files over and over again.

Hope this helps.

rams replied on at Permalink Reply
i have the same prob as veronawalls ie. when you place the block in a full page the main image goes below the thumbnails. tho you say atm it should but the thumbnails to the left and the main image to the right. i am using it in the 'dark chocolate' theme. this being a concrete default theme i assume there is enough space to display the main image to the right and thumbs to the left???
(thx for the licence on this btw. once i get the image and thumbs side by side it will be the gallery i use in the site)
greg (aka rams)
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Greg, try using the "full width" (or "full") page type if it's available. If you're using a page type with a sidebar, it will probably push the thumbnails out of place.

Hope this helps.

amandarogers replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, I am having the same problem with the Gallerific displaying thumbnails on top rather than the left with my Blue Ocean Theme. I'm using the full width page design. I tried following what you said with changing the CSS through Chrome (really neat that Chrome does that!), but my limited CSS skills are not up to the task. I don't understand where to enter the "#mygall .navigation..." I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this out and my client is growing impatient with me. If you could please spoon-feed me more detail on how to fix this, i would really appreciate it! Once it displays correctly, it will be perfect!
The site for reference is:
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi amandarogers,

Sorry for not getting back at you the soonest. I hope I'm still getting this on time. Anyway, if you could private message me the details of your dashboard I'd be happy to help.

Again, thanks for your patience.


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