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My photo collection is made up of portrait and landscape photos.

Portrait images are getting cropped in a way that I don't really like...

Can you suggest a way for me to detect protrait images and then crop them differently?

e.g. maybe if I can detect if the image height is greater than width, I could use: $ih->outputThumbnail1($thumbf,360,500,'');
rather than the current code -- $ih->outputThumbnail1($thumbf,500,360,'');

Also, some of my images are a bit wide/panoramic... I'd love a tidy solution for getting those to display too.

Any suggestions??


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webporter replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

Just reading the other threads, and my question was pretty much answered here:

Your suggestion worked for me:

On line 83, replace "outputThumbnail1" with "outputThumbnail2". This does the resizing without cropping.

Now I just need to get the image to centre... but shouldn't be too hard :)

webporter replied on at Permalink Reply
To centre the image, in my custom stylesheet, I added this code to override the gallerific style:

div.slideshowg a.advance-linkg {

Happy with that :)
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply

Glad it's working on you. We'll continue to improve this add-on and thank you for your inputs.


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