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Review posted by BHWW on at

Fabulously elegant!

Super addon, does what it says and super simple to adapt and customise (if you know a bit of CSS and code).

Review posted by BHWW on at

Functional and beautiful... great block!

I've used a few different gallery blocks, but as a banner this has to be the best, very versatile and flexible, added a few extra fields to really expand the way this functions. Thanks
Review posted by Vivid on at

Great block

Works extremely well. I bought it essentially to learn from it and how it was programmed, but it worked pretty well for a site I was working on. The interface is simple and easy to use. Great job!
Review posted by iTrendesign on at

Good Looking, easy to use module

I was really pleased with how this tool looked and functioned. It was easy to setup and I was able to modify a few simple things to make it work exactly how I wanted it. There are only a few things that I would like to see added in the future. 1. Ability to adjust the size of the text overlay area & other formatting 2. Ability to link to an outside or non-page URL from the image banners. Otherwise, it was exactly what I needed for the application (

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