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I am very happy with the way the Masonry gallery works, however my client has commented that the thumbnail images are fuzzy, and indeed they are. This seems to be because the gallery is resizing them first then scaling them up to fit the column width but it would be much better if it simply resized the width from the original image to fit the largest column width so it was only ever scaling down.

I tried to increase the number of columns I'm using from 4 to 5 (and lots of other numbers) thinking this might stop the thumbnails being scaled up, but this didn't work and I seem stuck with 4. I tried in the block itself on the page and through the GalleryES dashboard.

Can you help?

Thanks so much!

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emirii replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello there!

The thumbnails are generated at 400px, there is a way to change this in the source code, but I was actually thinking of adding a way to change this in the block interface, and I can push out an update later today so that you may be able to change it and increase it!

Please hang tight and I will reply when you are able to update your plugin.
emirii replied on at Permalink Reply
I have pushed an update to GalleryES, please update your copy to 2.1.0 and you'll be able to edit the resolution of the thumbnails generated on the fly!

Just go to edit mode in your Single Gallery block, and it will be in the gray area in the top under Pagination.

Thank you for your great review, I really appreciate it. If you have any more questions just ask, thanks!

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