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When i try and change the thumbnail size and click save it keeps resetting it to the default 320 x 320.

When linking to the gallery page, I want the title of my gallery to appear in the bread crumb - how can I do this?

Thanks Maria

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emirii replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

I have fixed the save issue for the width and the height, I didn't catch the error, my apologies!

As for the breadcrumb, since the gallery page is a special page type (like the login, etc) but the content is dynamic, I don't think I can go about and change the page title in the bread crumbs... I was able however to change the page Title and Description to your gallery name, instead of just displaying "Gallery".

If it does happen to work in breadcrumbs this way, let me know. I couldn't get my auto-nav breadcrumb block to work right, but It didn't change it in the regular nav so I assume it won't work the way i wished it would...

If you really need to have the breadcrumb show the title of your gallery, you could create unique separate pages for your gallery and use the GalleryES view block instead...

I pushed an update 2.2.2, please let me know if you have further questions/problems. Thank you!
agentorange replied on at Permalink Reply
Awesome thanks! Ill upgrade and let you know my progress.

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